Opponents attack Montenegro’s first gay pride

Several hundred people shouting “Kill the gays” attacked gay activists and clashed with police on Wednesday in a bid to disrupt the first ever pride event in staunchly conservative Montenegro, which is seeking to improve its human rights record as it bids to join the European Union.

Angry assailants threw rocks, bottles, glasses and various other objects — including chairs from local cafes — at several dozen flag-waving gay activists who shouted back “Kiss the gays.” A shower of stones and bottles also landed on special police securing the gathering in the coastal town of Budva.

Police then intervened to push the attackers away and allow the event to continue. The participants briefly marched by the sea before they stopped to hold speeches as extremists shouted insults from a distance. Later, police again clashed with smaller groups of opponents scattered throughout the town, while the gay activists left the town by boat for security reasons.

Interior Minister Rasko Konjevic praised the police, saying they prevented more serious clashes. Konjevic said several people have been injured, none seriously. Police said about 20 people have been detained.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic reiterated in Parliament that his government “supports protection of human rights for all people without difference.”

Elsewhere in the region, gay pride events were held this year without problems in the EU’s newest member, Croatia, and one is planned in Serbia this fall. Dozens of people were injured in clashes during a 2010 pride march in Serbia, prompting the authorities to ban similar gatherings for the past two years.

(More at source.)

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