Most popular posts of 2012! (Maybe.)

I used the Best of Tumblr app to figure this out, but I’m not really sure how accurate this is, as I noticed immediately that it missed my post popular post ever. But by and large these certainly are posts that crossed my dash quite a bit. And it’s fun (and okay, a bit self-indulgent) for me to look over posts from 2012.

January: Autumn in St. Petersburg.

February: The Maria S.C. Chandelier.

March: Poland’s first transgendered MP.

April: A 19th century Romanian folk costume.

May: The first Slavic alphabet.

June: Fierza Reservoir, Albania.

July: Soviet women astronauts. (As featured on Tumblr Radar!)

August: The very, very basics of the Yugoslav civil wars.

September: Prague Castle.

October: Bratislava in the 1960s.

November: The Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest.

December: Riga.

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