I’ll admit it - I sometimes find figuring out how to pronounce southwest Slavic words pretty difficult. What’s the difference between Č and Ć and C? Or Ž and Z? And I can read Bulgarian and Russian Cyrillic, but Serbian Cyrillic has a bunch of letters that aren’t in either of those languages and that always stops me short.

Anyway, if you feel the same way, this video might help you out. I am a lot less confused now.

(But even after watching it a couple times, I can’t hear a difference between Ђ and Џ or Ћ and Ч. /o\)

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    Oh, goodness. This reminds me of our Polish teacher trying desperately to get us to hear the difference between ź and ż....
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    bookmarked because I need to learn Serbo-Croatian ANYWAY and woot.
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    Don’t worry, many native speakers don’t differentiate those sounds. I couldn’t hear the difference when I was younger,...
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