During the siege of Sarajevo (April 5, 1992 - February 29, 1996), there was only one way in and out of the city: the Sarajevo tunnel. The tunnel, which ran from inside the besieged city to the backyard of a house in the suburbs, was built by Bosnian volunteers and completed in 1993.

Wikipedia tells us:

The tunnel was 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) in height and about 1m in width, and ran for approximately 960 metres (3,150 ft) in length. During the time it was used, it is estimated that 20 million tons of food entered the city, and 1 million people passed in and out of it.

Serb paramilitaries attacked the tunnel house eight times, but never succeeded in taking it. The surrounding area still bears the scars of serious fighting.  (The tunnel house, pictured above, is actually nowhere near as damaged as some of its neighbors.)

If you are ever in Sarajevo, I highly recommend visiting the the tunnel house, which is now a museum. You can walk around a bit at the entrance of the tunnel (which is no long passable in its entirety). Getting there is a bit tricky without a car, but it can be done and it is definitely worth it.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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